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Tract Ministries that will Print your Church or Ministry Address

These printing ministries will print the address of your church or ministry on their tracts with the phone number and other contact information. Lifegate will also print their tract with the picture of your pastor on their tracts. Other ministries might offer the same service. Sometimes you need to order a minimum quantity of tracts. There is usually a set up charge. I would guess the most popular ministry below that will print your church or ministry address is Lifegate. The second most popular is probably Chick Publications.

Add to your Faith Publications
The custom tracts of Add to your Faith Publications are created with thoughtful design and unique Gospel presentations. You can also have them print your creative gospel tracts, just send them the details.

Bible Truth Publishers
Bible Truth Publishers is offering customization of tracts. You can add your church or personal information like name and contact number to the tracts. You can choose from the designs available on their website.

Calvary Publishing
Calvary Publishing has many templates and designs of tracts you can choose from. At the back of these tracts you may choose to add your church or ministry information. You can also have them print your own gospel tract design.

Challenge Press Book Heaven
All the tracts of Challenge Press Book Heaven may be personalized at no extra cost and with a minimum order of 100. There are no quantity discounts. Please contact them for any special orders or questions.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications have illustrated tracts/booklets in many languages of the world. These are excellent tracts. They have distribution points in many areas of the world. Please ask for their nice colorful catalog Chick Publications will print an address with a minimum order of 10,000 of one title.

David Wood Ministries
This ministry publishes many materials regarding evangelism and soul-winning. They have some good soul-winning training resources for pastors and members of churches. They publish one or two tracts. Please look for the word personalization regarding tracts.

Gospel Tracts Wow
Gospel Tracts Wow are great tools for witnessing, evangelism, churches, ministries, and mission outreach. You can choose any tract of Gospel Tracts Wow for customization. At the front is the gospel message and at the back is the information of your church or organization.

His Print Media Ministries
His Print Media Ministries designs and prints tracts, booklets, and paperback books. Tracts are printed on white or colored paper. Visit their website for more information.

Hope Missions - Know the Gospel
Hope Missions currently has Gospel tracts available in several languages. They have recently designed a tract for children too. Their tracts can be customized with your church's, ministry's, or personal information.

Invitation Church
Invitation Church has been trusted by churches across the USA to make their custom church invitations and Gospel tracts.

Lehigh Valley Baptist Church
Lehigh Valley Baptist Church offers custom printable tracts of the Good Person Test, Which Road, When Is Your Birthday, The Unspeakable Gift, and Is Jesus a Fraud. They also have the Spanish translation of the Which Road tract.

Lifegate is the publisher of "God's Simple Plan of Salvation." It is one of the most popular and effective tracts ever written. It is available in many languages. This ministry will print tracts with your church's name on them, with a picture of your pastor (optional). You could also print your ministry's name and address on it. It has all the subjects a good tract should have. The tracts are about $0.6 each and cost less with quantity. Please visit the Lifegate Website for more information on the tract "God's Simple Plan of Salvation."

LocalChurchOutreach can customize your tract panels to fit your needs. Give them the information that you want to appear on your tract or publication and we will do the rest. You don't have to worry about placing all the information in an online program. They do the work.

Macedonia Gospel Publications International (MGPI)
MGPI is printing high quality and full colored gospel tracts. They are also offering custom graphic designs for missionaries and churches.

Moments With The Book (MWTB)
PrintMyTract of MWTB offers customization of your tracts. Their professional design and editing staff will turn your ideas and message into an attractive, effective, full-color tract. Their discounted printing options give you access to professional printing at affordable pricing on orders ranging from 100 to 10,000 copies.

Partners in Ministry
Partners in Ministry offers custom tracts on their online store. The tracts available for customization are Eternity, Are You 100% Sure, Amazing Love, A Good Friend to Have, and Outreach Pack.

PinPoint Gospel Tracts
PinPoint Gospel Tracts gives each a chance to create a custom gospel tract at a low price that is perfect for their area, situation, or event. A custom gospel tract can give you a peace of mind and help you do follow-up and discipleship, as well as help out your pastors and your local church share the Gospel. As you pass out the custom gospel tract, the recipients will receive information about your local church, giving you an opportunity to follow-up and potentially disciple them, should they get saved.

ProChurch is a Christian media company based in Fresno, California. They offer graphic designing and printing services. If you need gospel tracts customized to serve your local church or ministry, visit their website for their tracts and instructions on how to add your information.

Seedshakers Gospel Tracts
Seedshakers custom tracts are affordable and very professional looking. They are able to take your idea for a gospel tract or church flyer and turn it into a reality.

Specialty Tracts
Every Specialty Tract is a custom Gospel tract because you can customize the contact information on the back. You can also add a logo or a photo. Specialty Tracts makes it easy to fully customize any tract to your liking and all in the highest quality, full-color, press-printing style.

The Slip Disc
The slip disc is a disc with the Gospel message at the back. The front part can be customized; you can put photos, logos, information of your church or ministry.

Tracts by Lyon
Tracts by Lyon is offering customization of the tract Someday You Will Stand Before God. Visit their page to place an order of this tract.

Tract Planet
Tract Planet allows you to customize any of their current tracts and any of the tracts they have designed for other customers.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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