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Tract Ministries that will Print your Church or Ministry Address

These printing ministries will print the address of your church or ministry on their tracts with the phone number and other contact information. Lifegate will also print their tract with the picture of your pastor on their tracts. Other ministries might offer the same service. Sometimes you need to order a minimum quantity of tracts. There is usually a set up charge. I would guess the most popular ministry below that will print your church or ministry address is Lifegate. The second most popular is probably Chick Publications and the third most popular is probably Bible Tracts.

Bible Baptist Church Publications

Bible Baptist Church Publications
1701 Harns Road
Oak Harbor, Washington 98277
Telephone: (360) 675-8311
Fax: (360) 240-8347

The full text of their tract may be seen at their web page

Bible Baptist Church Publications
An attractive 3-fold Gospel Tract


Uses 48 scripture references to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. Two colors -- all Bible references in blue

1-999           7 cents each + shipping
1,000-4,999     6 cents each + shipping
5,000+          5 cents each + shipping

Can be imprinted [minimum order 500] with up to seven lines, giving your Church name, address, meeting times, etc. Allow up to 4 weeks for imprinting service

500-999         10 cents each imprinted + shipping
1,000-4,999     8 cents each imprinted + shipping
5,000+          6 cents each imprinted + shipping

Bible Tracts, Inc.

Bible Tracts, Inc.
1925 S Main St.
Bloomington, Illinois 61704-7301
PO Box 188
Bloomington, Illinois 61702-0188
Phone: 309.452.7439
Founder: Paul Levin

Bible Tracts, Inc. was started in 1938. We have 41 titles. To date we have produced 480 million tracts and sent them around the world. All tracts are FREE and postpaid as the Lord provides. Please write for a free sample pack.

Bible tracts will print one of their tracts (What About Eternal Life?) with your church address on them in either English, Spanish or Russian 18 Languages in Stock: Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Ilocano, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Pidgin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and other languages

Chick Publications

Chick Publications
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-0771 Ph.
(909) 941-8128 Fax

Chick Publications have illustrated tracts/booklets in many languages of the world. These are excellent tracts.
They have distribution points in many areas of the world. Please ask for their nice colorful catalog Chick Publications will print an address with a minimum order of 10,000 of one title. The cost for 10,000 tracts with one address is around $650 to $700.

David Wood Ministries

David Wood Ministries 
P.O. Drawer 248 
Trenton, Georgia 30752 
Phone: 706 657-6043 
Toll Free Phone: 800 798-0028 
FAX: 706 657-6083

David Wood’s excellent ministry.
He publishes a newspaper and has some good soulwinning training resources for pastors and members of churches. He publishes one or two tracts.

FBC Press

Minimum order: 500 Tracts per title
Initial Set-up price: $20.00 which includes... typed church address and information
Production of a Negative and Printing Plate (for imprinting) Permanent file (for future imprinting)
$15.00 will be charged for any future revisions.

Here's a list of tracts that we publish:


Fundamental Baptist Home Missions

Fundamental Baptist Home Missions
PO Box 1510, Bessemer City, NC 28016

They will print your church name on their tracts


Lifegate, Inc.
P.O. Box 5
Monrovia, IN 46157-0005
ph: 317-539-4466
fax: 317-539-5293

Lifegate is the publisher of “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.” It is one of the most popular and effective tracts ever written. It is availble in many languages.
This ministry will print tracts with your church’s name on them, with a picture of your pastor (optional).You could also print your ministry’s name and address on it. It has all the subjects a good tract should have. The tracts are about six cents each and cost less with quantity. Please visit the Lifegate web site for more information on the Tract "God's Simple Plan of Salvation." This tract is available online also in e-Tract form in 18 languages now at:

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