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Wordless Tracts and Booklets

One Way!

One of the best wordless tracts or booklets is the tract One Way! by Chick Publications. Using just pictures and very few words, this tract shows that Jesus is the only way to obtain eternal life. Great for children!

Chick Publications
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, CA USA

Chick Publications is one of the best tract/booklet ministries in the USA. Their use of comics and humor will mean that a high percentage of their tracts will get read. Their illustrated tracts sell for around 14 cents each. Prices are less if you buy in quantity. llustrated tracts get read more often than printed tracts. They use a very professional line art. These tracts are great for those who have a low attention span. Chick tracts are great to give to children.
Chick Publications has some other wordless gospel tracts:

New Guinea Wordless Gospel Tract


Maasai African Wordless Gospel Tract

Haitian Wordless Gospel Tract

Wordless tract by Child Evangelism Fellowship

Child Evangelism Fellowship
PO Box 348
Warrenton, MO 63383-0348 USA
A very popular book used in child evangelism is the Wordless Book by Child Evangelism Fellowship. The Wordless book is a book of five different colored pages. Each color represents a central part of the gospel message.The cover of the book is green, the first page is gold, the second page is black, the third page is red and the last page is white. The gold page reminds people of Heaven.The second black page represents sin and hell. Black is for the sin which exists in each person because we do things which are wrong and which make God sad. Red is for the blood which Jesus shed on the cross when he agreed to take our punishment for all the bad things we have done. The third white page represents how you can be made clean from sin. White is for how clean we are when we thank Jesus for saving us from the punishment which we deserve because of our sins.
The pages do not have pictures, just solid colors. This is an easily taught way to explain the Gospel. It is also easy for children to use when telling other children about Jesus. There is a little pamphlet that comes with the wordless book which tells how to use the wordless book to share the gospel.
Wordless Book Items:
Wordless Book 81/2x11 $3.95
Wordless Book 5x8 $2.45
Wordless Book 2x3 $1.25
Wordless Book 3x5 $2.00
Other Wordless Book Items:
(call for prices and ordering)
Wordless Book Scripture Pocket Memo Book $.40
Wordless Book Scripture Pencils $.65
Wordless Book Apron- Apron is red with large pocket in the Wordless Book Colors$12.50
Wordless Book Bean Bags Five 2x2 bean bags $4.50
Wordless Book Gospel Fuzzies $4.95
Wordless Book Surprise Bag $20.95
Wordless Book Bracelet Kit and tract $.90
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Moments with the Book
If you type wordless in the search engine, you will find
The Wordless Book
I think that it is the Child Evangelism Fellowship's booklet.

African Tribal Wordless Tract

This is designed for use in an African tribal context. This tract will help you when you are going to witness to those who can make no use of written texts. By explaining these pictures, all who have learned by heart the memory verses, should be able to explain the main points in our faith.
These four pictures illustrate the essential message of the NEW LIFE FOR ALL handbook, the study booklet used in the National Campaign of Evangelism.
God gave life to men. The creation. Refer to Genesis 1 and 2 for explanation.
Man rejected life. The fall. Refer to Genesis 3 : 1-19
God provided new life in Christ. Refer to Acts 13 : 26-39 ; Isaiah 53 : 3 10. Life and light come back with Jesus.
Man must accept new life in Christ. Luke 23 : 39-43.
We cannot be saved by our own merits. Rom. 3 : 28.
Salvation is a free gift which we must accept. Rom. 6 : 23.
To Obtain Printed versions:
Owing to lack of funds, we cannot offer these tracts free of charge, but we feel obliged to ask you 1,5 francs each. You may print from these pages.
A poster
These four pictures have also been printed in larger size to serve as a poster in chapels as well as in homes. This poster is sold for 25 francs.
These tracts are available at:
The National Office for Evangelism B. P. 4 092
YAOUNDE, Cameroon
If you have any questions, please write

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