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How to Use Tracts Effectively and Why Use Tracts

50 Ways to Use Gospel Tracts
Moments With The Book (MWTB) shares with us 50 different ways on how to use Gospel tracts effectively. Visit the above website link to read the article. You can also find the same article at Gunaseelan's Blog (

How to Use a Tract
Written in this article are simple ways on how you to use a tract. This is a short article, simple yet informative.

How to Use Evangelistic Tracts
Why do we need to use tracts? Ray Comfort answers this question. Read his article at

How to Use Tracts Effectively
This article answers the question "why tracts are effective". It will also show you how to use tracts and what are ways to use tracts.

How to Use Tracts to Advance the Gospel
Rush, the blog author in, wrote an article on "How to Use Tracts to Advance the Gospel". He provided reasons why tracts are useful and some basic ways to hand out tracts.

How to Use Gospel Tracts
The Calvary Baptist Church has issued an article on "How to Use Gospel Tracts". The article is very informative. It tells the importance of appearance and content in making a good gospel tract. It tells about effective ways of passing out tracts and many more. You can read this article at Calvary Baptist Church website.

Powerful Witnessing Ideas, Proven to be Effective!
There are countless ideas for tract uses and this article posts some of the most effective ideas. Read them at Go Evangelism website.

Silent Evangelists
Silent Evangelist is a tract for Christians who want to share the Gospel by using tracts. It contains ideas on how to use tracts and why we should use tracts. The Silent Evangelist tract can be bought at The Tract League website.

The Use of Tracts
R.A. Torrey, an evangelist, teacher and author, writes about the use of tracts, its importance and advantages. You will also read in this resource about how to use tracts, why and who should use tracts.

Tract Ministry
South Tulsa Baptist Church has a Tract Ministry. On their website, they shared an article about the use of gospel tracts to evangelize to people. Topics include: Why Use Tracts, View Creative Tracts, How To Use Tracts, Where To Place Tracts, How To Share A Tract, and Student Tract Ministers In Action.

Tract Ministry
What is a tract ministry? How is it done? What good tracts are advisable? You will find the answers to these questions when you click the above link.

Tracts - Don't Leave Home Without 'em
This article is written by Michael C. Tabor. He wrote how tracts played a large part in his salvation in Jesus Christ and how Christians can use it to share the Gospel to the lots ones.

Using Gospel Tracts
Why should Christians use tracts? Simply because God uses them. Read more about this article at PinPoint Gospel Tracts website.

Ways to Use Tracts
Richard Hollerman writes 51 ways on how and where you can use tracts to communicate the truth to other people especially those who need Christ. Read his testimony of how Hollerman got saved by means of tracts and be inspired to use tracts to evangelize.

Why Gospel Tracts
Why do we need to use gospel tracts? Find out why in this article at Repent and Turn Ministries website.

Witnessing Ideas
Chick Publications, the maker of the popular cartoon tracts, has shared some "Witnessing Ideas" and how you can become a witness by using Chick tracts. Chick Publications also has many online tracts..

Why Tracts?
Why tracts? To know the answer, visit the Custom Tract Source website.

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